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Alesia Architecture is a nationally recognized design firm that provides architecture, planning, and interior design services to healthcare, government, financial, commercial, and senior living clients.

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Strong Past, Bright Future

  • 2021

    CLH Architects renamed to Alesia Architecture.

  • 1998

    Calvin L. Hinz Architects, P.C.

  • 1993

    Keeler Raynor Hinz Architects, P.C.

  • 1982

    Keeler Raynor & Associates

  • 1968

    Warren Keeler & Associates

The Origin of the Name

Alesia [uh-LEE-see-uh] was a city in what is modern-day France. The Battle of Alesia is considered one of Julius Caesar’s greatest military achievements due to innovative architectural design.

In 53 BC Julius Caesar declared Gaul (roughly modern-day France), a Roman province. In response, the three Gaul tribes joined together to form a stronger confederacy and began defending key cities within Gaul. By the time the battles reached the city of Alesia, Caesar knew he was outnumbered and unable to directly assault his enemy. Instead, he built a fortified structure surrounding Alesia to starve out the defending army. The structure was 10 miles consisting of 23 towers, palisades nearly 12 feet high, trenches and waterfilled trenches three feet deep, and a series of hidden spikes. This gave them the benefit of distance from impending attacks. When Caesar heard that the Gaul had sent out messengers for relief forces, Caesar then built a second fortification that encircled the first fortification.

It utilized the same tactics as the first except facing outward and was a total of 13 miles. This created a barrier between Alesia and the Roman army, and a barrier between the Roman army the incoming Gaul relief forces. There were over 300,000 Gaul soldiers attacking both sides of the just 60,000 Romans. Due to the inability of the relief forces to reach or even communicate with Alesia, and the strength of the fortifications, the Gaul army surrendered to Julius Caesar and the Roman army. Utilizing architecture to supplement his resources, Caesar was able to defeat the Gaul army and effectively ended the series of Gallic wars.

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The Alesia Team

Jim Hageman

Vice President

Gary Dubas

Senior Architect, Project Manager

Terry Fieselman

Architectural Technician

Gary Gebhard

Registered Architect

Kristine Gillen

Office Manager

Jordan Graham

BIM Manager

Nick Grimit
Nick Grimit

Registered Architect

Debra Lampshire

Interior Designer

Ian Murphree

Architectural Associate

Allie Nielsen

Marketing Coordinator

Barbara Onken

Contracts Manager

Melody Pak

Architectural Associate

Lindsey Pfeffer

Director, Business Operations and Business Development

Manuel Ruiz

Architectural Associate

Bob Ryckman

Project Manager

Alyssa Sisco

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Rebecca Sowl

Interior Designer

Alan Tast

Registered Architect

J.P. Thurman

Project Manager

R. Brec Wilshusen

Engineering Project Manager

Steve Wozniak

Architectural Associate

Muminjon Mirzoev


Rocco Nielsen

Alesia Mascot

Working at Alesia

We have a strong team working at Alesia Architecture, and we never know when the next great fit for our team might appear. We welcome interested individuals to reach out by email to send us a CV and a bit about their interest in working at Alesia.