An Immersive Design Experience

You don't have to be an architect to visualize your floor plan when you use virtual reality.

The Virtual Experience


Currently, virtual reality is used in only a small percentage of design firms


Stakeholders can be brought directly into the designs during all phases


Seeing the finished product before construction starts catches changes before they become costly

Real Time

Changes can be made in real time, helping to keep projects on time and budget


Inpatient Kitchen

The kitchen staff were able to ensure all their equipment would be able to be placed in a logical order, helping to cut down on congestion within their workspace.

VA Riverside Administration Building

Office staff were able to see what their workspaces would be like and how their daily routines would flow.

Minneapolis Inpatient Mental Health

Nurses were able to see what will and won’t be visible from their station and provide valuable feedback that only they could provide.

Kansas City Radiation Therapy

Medical staff were able to get an understanding of how patient foot-traffic would flow through the facility.