VA Omaha Front Entry Renovation

This project added critical security features and enhanced patient safety through the use of a snowmelt system.
Type of Project

Government, Healthcare


Omaha, NE

Total Size

10,000 SF




Farris Engineering
E&A Consulting Group


Winn Construction

  • Drive bollards with lighting accents
  • Snowmelt system incorporated into drive
  • Upgraded HVAC system to eliminate stack effect
  • Physical security measures

Enhancing the Patient Experience at the Front Door

The first impression of a hospital can say a lot to what the patient feels they can expect from their stay within a facility. The cold Nebraska wind whipped through this entry and infiltrated the lobby, making for an uncomfortable experience. Alesia Architecture designed a new entry that welcomed visitors to a beautifully reconfigured lobby. Our design addressed the air infiltration issue; in addition, we made security modifications to protect from potential terrorist issues, all while being sensitive to the aesthetic first impression of this long-standing facility.