VA Omaha Correct USP 800 Deficiencies

This project modernizes the inpatient pharmacy, adds a warehouse, and provides a fully compliant USP 797/800 clean room for the processing of hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceuticals.
Type of Project

Government, Healthcare


Omaha, NE

Total Size

11,250 SF


Est. 2021


Hernandez Consulting

  • Temporary USP 800/797 space
  • Inpatient pharmacy space
  • Warehouse

Providing an Efficient and Code-Compliant Space for Inpatient Pharmacy Operations

As a part of a team led by Hernandez Consulting, Alesia provided full architectural and engineering services for a multi-faceted project to temporarily relocate the inpatient pharmacy compounding rooms and then renovate the inpatient pharmacy department after relocation. The final phase of the project also adds 2,100 SF of warehouse space.