VA Minneapolis Inpatient Mental Health Renovation

Creating a safe, modern, home-like environment for our veterans suffering from severe mental health challenges.
Type of Project

Government, Healthcare


Minneapolis, MN

Total Size

21,000 SF


Est. 2022


Leo A. Daly
National Facility Solutions

  • Inpatient design
  • Energy savings
  • Phasing

Creating a Safe, Home-Like Environment for Veterans to Heal

As the architect / engineer of record, Alesia Architecture designed a renovation that creates a total of 30 inpatient beds in 24 rooms: 6 double rooms, 4 single rooms that can expand to doubles if needed, and 14 single rooms of which 2 are to bariatric proportions. All rooms have a private bath. All facilities in the unit are ADA compliant. The finished unit will also have a nurse station, dining, family visiting, music room, group therapy, and isolation rooms.

The design integrates VA Inpatient Mental Health Facilities design guide requirements and best practices of recently completed VA and private-sector projects. The renovation eliminates the institutional atmosphere and promotes a tranquil and calming atmosphere for patients and staff while still providing a patient-safe environment.

The ward borders on an exterior courtyard that creates a visually appealing and secure outdoor area for the patients. There is a walking path organically placed at the perimeter of the courtyard surrounding a half-court basketball area on the interior with numerous plants and mulch beds that have been well maintained. The renovation design takes advantage of this by placing the patient dining area and the nurse’s station in full view of the windows. It has the added benefit of providing access to natural light for patients and staff for health and well-being.
Safety features include maximizing staff visibility of the entire ward from the nurses’ station, a sally port at the unit entrance, and a nurse call system.