VA Fayetteville New Stand-Alone MRI

Faced with an increasing cost of MRI’s off-campus, the VA in Fayetteville, NC, requested Alesia design an Open MRI to address the needs of its bariatric population as well as standard patients in this stand-alone building.
Type of Project

Government, Healthcare


Fayetteville, NC

Total Size

3,500 SF




CESI Land Design Services
Shaffer Stevens & Schaap
Farris Engineering

  • Physical security requirements
  • Hurricane-prone area requirements

Developing an Open MRI to Address the Needs of the Fayetteville, NC Community

FNCVAMC Radiology determined that existing MRI scanning facilities for inpatient and outpatient services were at maximum capacity. Additional capacity was needed for outpatient MRI scanning, with existing MRI scanner in the main hospital to be used for inpatient scans. The solution was to construct a freestanding building on campus dedicated to outpatient usage. Provision of an open MRI scanner for bariatric and claustrophobic patients was deemed to be a major factor for design of a new facility.

Alesia Architecture provided architectural services that include conceptual drawings, planning, site visits, design work, 3D drawings and specifications, cost estimates, and construction administration services for a new stand-alone MRI building in Fayetteville, NC.