Main Street Studios

Our team designed this historic venue into an artist studio and gallery space, boasting high ceilings and natural lighting.
Type of Project

Historic Renovations


Eklhorn, NE

Total Size

5,303 SF




Shaffer Stevens & Schaap, PC
Advanced Engineering Systems


Phoenix Construction Group

  • Extensive use of recovered materials
  • Skylights
  • LED wall sconces and other energy-saving measures
  • Artist studios / workshops
  • Gallery / display space
  • Retail space
  • Loft apartment

Shining a Light on the Artwork

A remodel of a vacant 1917 service garage into an artist studio and gallery space. The studio features 1,857 SF of artist space, an 11-foot-wide corridor that acts as a gallery, and 690 SF of retail space at the front behind the glass paned overhead door. At the front the proprietor’s personal studio looks out onto both the street and retail. A sense of openness from the space’s previous form is retained throughout the building by keeping the ceiling and structure exposed. Studio and gallery walls stop well short of the ceiling, allowing it to remain a rather impressive feature and allow natural light from the skylights to filter to all the studios. At the back of the building, a 1,123 SF apartment space was carved out, featuring the same impressive ceiling structures and multiple skylights to create a warm bright space. All utility services were provided and brought in new as a part of this project, including domestic water, fire, HVAC, and electrical. Kiln installed for one of the artists-in-residence.