Hansen House Harlan

Alesia worked with Hansen House to create an environment where residents can feel at home and facilitate relationships with one another.
Type of Project

Assisted Living


Harlan, IA

Total Size

40,000 SF




Thompsen, Dreessen, Dorner
Shaffer Stevens & Schaap
Advanced Engineering Systems


Andersen Construction

  • Green House concepts
  • Open kitchen and dining areas
  • Community spaces
  • Calming design

Deinstitutionalizing Senior Living

This project encompasses 40,000 SF of living space. The design subscribes to the concepts developed for Green House elder care and remained consistent with the branding of the Hansen House properties. The intent of the design was to deinstitutionalize senior living and create spaces where residents can build relationships with each other, families, and caregivers. This design created an environment that was not like home but was home.

Resident rooms were arranged so as not to enter a long institutional corridor but enter a contiguous living space such as a living room, sitting room, or library. These spaces promote increased socialization and opportunities for engagement.

Kitchens were designed to be residential in feel and encourage guests to prepare meals for the residents that live at Hansen Harlan.

Colors in jewel tones were used because of their calming effect. Fireplaces, sitting areas, and memory boxes were used to ease wayfinding throughout the building.

Alesia Architecture, P.C., has been our trusted partner in the design and construction of three Hansen House memory care facilities. Alesia Architecture provides excellence in design, attention to detail, customer care, and respect for our budget and our time from first meeting through move-in day."

Bill McCarty, Owner, Hansen House