Grand Island Clinic

With a growing population in the Grand Island community came a need for additional healthcare services. Our team designed this addition to provide important diagnostic services to the women in Grand Island.
Type of Project



Grand Island, NE

Total Size

Renovation: 22,191 SFAddition: 10,044 SF




Alvine Engineering
Miller & Associates


BD Construction

  • Calming environment for patients
  • Interior design
  • Children's wall murals
  • Wayfinding

Providing Important Services for Women in Grand Island

This clinic has served the Grand Island community since it was originally constructed in 1973. Alesia Architecture designed this addition and renovation to aid the clinic in meeting the community’s mounting need for medical services. The addition houses a new OB/GYN department with state-of-the-art diagnostic services. The existing structure received a dramatic transformation through the use of new finishes and wayfinding strategies to help patients navigate pediatric/family medicine, adult internal medicine, and the new OB/GYN wing. The existing laboratory was also completely redesigned to maximize efficiency and to provide the lab staff with new, essential analyzing tools.

The new addition was designed to match the original structure. The main entry received a new drive-thru canopy for patient drop-off. Both the east and north (OB/GYN) entries were designed to create focal points for the building with higher roofs and large amounts of glass. These approaches clearly identify the entries while presenting a welcoming and open face to the public.

Overall, it is a more calming environment for patients because the staff members have room to work and family members can enter Recovery Phase 2.