Children’s Hospital Carolyn Scott Rainbow House II

The Carolyn Scott Rainbow House was designed to provide refuge for the families of patients receiving care at the Children’s Hospital.
Type of Project

Civic and Municipal


Omaha, NE

Total Size

Building: 45,500 SF
Site: 129,250 SF




E&A Consulting Group
Ken Lathrum & Associates
Farris Engineering


Kiewit Construction

  • Bedrooms with private baths
  • Kitchen and dining facilities
  • Laundry facilities
  • Shared facilities for recreation and television viewing
  • Outside play areas for children
  • Lobby and reception
  • Energy savings
  • Parking lot
  • Connection to city road

Providing Housing for the Families of Those Being Treated at the Children’s Hospital

The Carolyn Scott Rainbow House serves as a housing center for families of patients receiving care at Children’s Hospital. This three-story convalescent services facility includes 56 hospitality suites and expanded living and dining areas for resident families. A stay at the Carolyn Scott Rainbow House eases the financial strain experienced by families who have sick children receiving care at Children’s Hospital. The new plan includes a play structure and exterior patio dining area at the back of the facility to allow resident families to spend time outside. The lobby includes a two-story space with a grand staircase and two elevators.