Boys Town Pediatric Clinic

In order to create a comfortable, familiar environment for Boys Town Pediatric clients, Alesia designed an environment cohesive with other Boys Town clinics.
Type of Project



Omaha, NE

Total Size

7,081 SF




Farris Engineering


Hawkins Construction

  • Boys Town branded design
  • Inviting lobby
  • Patient privacy
  • Efficient workflow
  • Indirect lighting

Creating Consistency for Boys Town Clients

The new clinic for Boys Town National Research Hospital is a tenant improvement, requiring coordination between multiple design teams for the shell structure and the tenant space. The clinic houses 15 exam rooms as well as their support areas, 2 nurse stations, a lab, medical room, doctors’ office, and 2 patient intake stations. Spaces were arranged to provide a natural progression through the clinic. The use of soffits and half walls provide cues as to which zones are public and which are designated for staff. Design elements were adapted from previous Boys Town clinics to provide a cohesive brand identity. These design elements include wood veneer panels with aluminum bar stock accents and light coves integrated into soffits. In the lobby area, these features are joined by a 14’ sloped ceiling creating a bright and open waiting area.