Boys Town Chambers Chapel

Our team worked with Boys Town to provide a multi-denominational Protestant chapel that reflected the Gothic theme of the nearby Catholic Chapel.
Type of Project

Historic Renovations


Boys Town, NE

Total Size

10,000 SF



  • New construction
  • Bronze-clad doors
  • Hammerbeam trusses
  • Stained glass windows

Providing Consistency Among the Boys Town Chapels

Boys Town wished to fulfill its founder’s ecumenical goal by providing a multi-denominational Protestant chapel near its Catholic chapel, built in 1939. The new chapel needed to reflect the Gothic theme of the older one while addressing the current service format. Chambers Chapel is light, airy, and beautifully contrasts with the Gothic bronze-clad doors, the wood hammerbeam trusses, and the artistically crafted stained glass windows. Alesia worked closely with Conrad Schmitt Studios on the aisle windows that are composed of three lancets and each dedicated to a specific theme. They relay stories of the Old and New Testaments, with emphasis on issues important to today’s children. The large facade window culminates the themes expressed in the aisle windows. It has eight primary lancets displaying The Passion of the Christ. Directly above these are eight windows displaying pairs of crimson-colored angels.