VA Kansas City Radiation Therapy Addition

Ambulatory radiation therapy addition to the main campus of the Kansas City VA medical center.
Type of Project

Government, Healthcare


Kansas City, MO

Total Size

11,901 SF


Est. 2022


IMEG Corp.
Incandescence Life Safety

Adding Radiation Therapy to the VA Medical Center in Kansas City

This project required building a 11,601 SF addition and 300 SF renovation to construct an ambulatory radiation therapy addition to the main campus of the Kansas City VA medical center.

The new addition included:

  • Space for a new linear accelerator, CT simulator, and clinical space for the staff of the radiation therapy clinic
  • Building a vault on the ground level to enclose a new linear accelerator
  • Accommodation for future vertical expansion (five additional floors)
  • The design space for the new linear accelerator and a new CT simulator shall include utilities and other installation requirements for the equipment to be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Radiation shielding design and structural shielding design report
  • Standard finishes selected to match existing finishes of the facility
  • Main entrance to the building from the parking area with patient drop off/pickup circle and canopy coverage
  • Follows the VA medical center physical security requirements
  • Pre-Construction Risk Assessment to determine the requirements for Infection Control, Interim Life Safety Measures, Occupational Safety and Health, patient safety, public safety, security controls for physical and logical access, and environmental controls and limitations on vibrations, noise, the shielding calculation report for the vault (generated by an outside independent physicist), and disruptions to operations and utilities